Friday, January 18, 2008

An Open Letter to Fred Thompson

Dear Senator Thompson:

I've been a 'FredHead' ever since your elegant 38 second dismissal of Michael Moore.

For today, and tomorrow, if South Carolina law allows it, I'm hoping you will continue to regard SC as a must-win, and campaign accordingly.

But come Saturday night, when the polls close, should things not go the way we both hope, I'm appealing to you to ignore the pundits, and your own 'must win' statements, and stay in the race, for the long run.

In view of the fact that you are seeking the Presidency of the United States not from personal ambition, but a desire to serve our nation, your presence in the race as the 'anti-soundbite' candidate will itself be a service to the country. Keeping your ideas before the American people, and your rivals, may well help those down-to-earth ideas--which even more than your eloquence and equally down-to-earth style are what has attracted us to you--become realities, regardless of who wins our party's nomination.

Much though those of us who support you are hoping, working, and donating with the goal of your nomination on the first ballot, we would be happy with your nomination on the fifth.

Though it may not sit well citing Lincoln to a southerner, remember that our party's first President came in third on the first ballot, and was nominated on the third.

You are the only candidate in the race whose nomination would not alienate at least a quarter of the Reagan coalition. As such, if the delegations to the convention are fractured, with no candidate having more than 1/3 of the delegates, the party may, indeed, should, turn to you.

Besides, I want the chance to caucus for you here in Kansas on the Saturday after 'Super Tuesday'.

Best Wishes for a big win on Saturday,