Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fred Thompson for President

Ortho Opinions is pleased to announce its endorsement of Senator Frederick Dalton Thompson for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

Senator Thompson's public statements show a clear understanding both of conservative principles, 'grounded in human nature and the experience of the ages' to use his own phrase, and their importance to the continued liberty and well-being of America. While not satisfying those self-professed conservatives who have forgotten the experience of the ages that human beings are imperfect, Senator Thompson's record in the public service evinces confidence that he has the intent and ability to enunciate those principles clearly on the campaign trail and to put them into practice once elected.

He brings to the campaign a savvy sense of 'the new media' and its potential, speaking to the American people directly, and at length about his convictions using YouTube and other video sites, from his witty repost to the odious Michael Moore, to his formal announcement of his candidacy released earlier today. His delayed entry into the campaign shows a sense of strategy straight from Sun Tzu, a sense of strategy which will be more even more important for a Commander-in-Chief than for a political candidate. His willingness to address entitlement reform, a 'third-rail' issue for most politicians, in the opening statement of his campaign is itself proof that he is willing to face tough challenges and make tough decisions for the good of the country.

From time to time, more statements of support for Senator Thompson's candidacy can be expected here.

In the meantime, readers who agree that Frederick Dalton Thompson should be the GOP nominee for President can donate to his campaign via the button at the top of the links section to the right.



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